You can call him El Chueco. You can call him El Maestro. You should probably just call him Mr. Fangio. Juan Manual Fangio is one of the greatest racing drivers of all time. There are five Formula One Drivers' Championships with his name on them, and 24 wins over the course of his F1 career. Fangio was a tremendous wheelman during a truly tremendous era of a great sport. Now his name is being mentioned, however, for a different reason as his body is set to be exhumed next month.

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As Motorsport reports, an Argentinian judge has ruled that the man's body be dug up and taken to a nearby city for DNA testing. The reason is due to a lawsuit that was started two years earlier by Oscar Cesar Espinoza. Fangio never married nor had reported children. Espinosa, however, claims he is Fangio's son, and he appears to have solid ground to stand on here. Espinoza's mother had a longstanding relationship with Fangio.

The body will be roused from its grave on August 7 to undergo the testing. Espinoza hopes he's proven to be Fangio's son, and we can't blame him for wanting to get official results. Still, we hope it's all put to bed as quickly as possible, so that Fangio can go back to getting his well-earned rest.

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