We all know that Jay Leno loves his cars. He's also a big fan of two-wheeled vehicles as well, and his latest guests bring on some wares that seem ready to make Leno smile.

Jay invited Abhi Eswarappa into his garage because Abhi owns a motorcycle-obsessed website called Bike-Curious.com. Yes, the name is hilariously fantastic, but Abhi has also brought along a friend by the name of Aniket Vardhan.

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Mr. Vardhan is a rather exceptional fellow with a penchant for creating wonderful replicas of classic bikes, but with a modern twist. In the video, Vardhan has brought a long a number of his Royal Enfield motorcycles, and they come packing V-Twin noise and power.

The bikes themselves are lovely, but it's the way that Vardhan builds them that is interesting as well. The molds for the bikes are hand-carved out of wood. It's a fantastic process, but it's no surprise once you learn a bit more about Vardhan himself.

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Normally, when a guest arrives in the garage, Leno talks to them about the vehicle they've brought along. It's no different here with the exception that Vardhan manages to do most of the talking as opposed to Jay. We're fine to listen to Leno get excited about whatever he's looking at in his own garage on a given day, but it's a bit unique to hear the guest spin captivating stories about his or her life. Aniket Vardhan does just that.

It's a long episode, but it's worth it to learn more about this man and his passion... no, not Jay. We're talking about Aniket.


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