A good truck or sport-utility vehicle can help a person haul a whole ton of stuff. For a handful of people though, the driving dynamics of such a rig can leave a bit to be desired. Someone that drives a Lamborghini Gallardo, for example, might not enjoy the raised driving position, bouncy suspension, and generally tame engine note.

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What's an enthusiast to do when hauling and towing are still required?

For one brave Gallardo owner, the solution is clear and simple. Get a tow hitch installed on the back, a roof rack over your head, and your V-10-powered supercar can handle the challenge ahead of it.

This particular Gallardo was captured braving a rather tight urban environment in a car with even less visibility than it had before this experiment. Regardless, we're happy to see someone getting the most out of there car even if it's in a manner not intended by the engineers who created it.

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This man grabbed his bull by its horns... and put it to work. Golf clap please.


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