The last few years haven't been great for the National Football League. Along with domestic violence and child abuse scandals, the debilitating injuries faced by its players have resulted in reams of negative press.

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That said, football remains the country's most popular sport by a huge margin, allowing the organization to remain as popular as ever with its partners, advertisers, and sponsors.

Yesterday, Hyundai and the NFL announced that the Korean company would take over as the League's official automotive sponsor. No financial details were revealed.

The four-year deal is widely believed, however, to be worth more than the $25 million previous partner General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] paid for the privilege. GM had worked with the NFL since 2001.

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It's still far too soon to know exactly which companies will air commercials during the Super Bowl, but expensive automotive spots are sure to remain part of the recipe.  

Regular season football begins September 10th, when the Pittsburgh Steelers face the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.


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