Oh, to have the time, space, and money to complete an engine overhaul like the one in this video.

The folks at Hagerty have all three of the aforementioned requirements, and they also happen to have some talented folks who know how to work cameras. Put all of that together, throw in love for an aging Chevy small-block engine, and you have the makings for a great video.

The Hagerty team took the older Chevy engine and decided to give it a fresh start. This means a complete teardown, and then a full rebuild of all the parts.

Watching the process in a time-lapse format is quite mesmerizing. It's also quite frustrating for those of us who have needy projects of our own sitting in the garage at this very moment.

Hey Hagerty, how about some time-lapse love for a particular Ford 352 for your next video? I know a guy who needs some help...