The idea that California's DMV has Satanic sympathies won't come as a surprise to any residents of the Golden State. But you'd imagine the widely reviled agency would at least be discreet about its allegiance.    

But you'd be wrong. 

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The mark of the beast—666, for those who didn't attend Sunday school or listen to Iron Maiden—is alive and well on licence plates across the state, and perhaps unsurprisingly, some devout Christians are unhappy with being asked to display it on their vehicle.

Which brings us to the story of Bobbie Larkins, who balked when she was issued a plate sporting the Satanic digits for her shiny new Jaguar XF.    

As local CBS affiliate KCBS reports, when the God-fearing Berkeley resident requested a new plate, she was told there'd be a $20 fee. According to the report, this isn't the first time that the randomly generated number has prompted protest, but striking the combination from the pool would require "a large number of complaints, in writing, or from law enforcement." 

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After the station intervened, Larkins was issued a replacement free of charge. 

Those who'd like to insure Lucifer's numerical nickname doesn't make its way on any more license plates are encouraged to send their written objections—along with a lock of their hair, a pinch of eye of newt, and the blood of one virgin—to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.


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