Certified pre-owned programs have become a staple among luxury carmakers, but so far Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] hasn't offered one for the Model S. That changed last week, when the company added a "Buy Pre-Owned" page to the electric sedan's ordering options on its website.

After landing on the pre-owned page, buyers can filter through a selection of used cars by location, color, and model. The cars available right now include rear-wheel-drive Model S 60, 85, and P85 versions. These may have been traded in for newer all-wheel-drive 'D' models.

All of the cars listed have fairly low mileage, which perhaps isn't surprising given that the Model S has only been in production since 2012. And each pre-owned car comes with a four-year, 50,000-mile limited warranty.

The prices are fairly good, too. One listing at the time of publication was for a 2013 Model S 85 with 13,086 miles priced at $65,150. That's about $10,000 less than a new Model S 70D, which has a smaller battery pack. Granted, the new car qualifies for a $7,500 Federal tax credit and other incentives.

Generally the cars listed on the Tesla website are less expensive than cars listed on AutoTrader, or through independent sellers and dealers, says The Wall Street Journal, which doubts how Tesla will make money off of the scheme.

Tesla doesn't stock new cars at its Apple-like retail stores, and it won't stock used ones either. Instead, cars will be grouped at regional hubs; customers ordering online can either pick them up at one of these locations, or arrange to have them delivered.

The carmaker will probably continue to get more trade-ins as buyers look to upgrade to Model S D variant, or possibly the upcoming Model X crossover. That's going to create a potential glut of used cars. With that in mind, Tesla's move into pre-owned sales seems well timed.


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