Over the next few months, the spies will be getting more and more of the first Model X prototypes as they roll out of an expanded production line at Tesla Motors’ [NSDQ:TSLA] Fremont, California plant. In late 2015, the first production examples are expected to reach reservation holders. Now, a member at the Tesla Motors Club forum has posted photos of a Model X prototype in testing in California, revealing the vehicle with virtually no camouflage.

Late last month, a video of the Model X in testing surfaced, showing the vehicle testing at what appear to be high speeds.

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Though there has been some doubt about the Model X’s reality after a push-back to its intended timeline for production, the latest information indicates the Model X is back on track.

Tesla Model X prototype photographed on test, California, Feb 2014

Tesla Model X prototype photographed on test, California, Feb 2014

Several facts about the Model X have already been confirmed through an email to a reservation holder, posted to the official Tesla Motors forums.

In the email, Tesla confirmed several key details about the production version of the electric crossover:

  • The Model X will have Falcon doors
  • Three-row seating will be available, but not standard
  • All-wheel drive will be standard
  • The second and third rows will fold flat for cargo

Much of this information was previously released by Elon Musk himself, but the confirmation in a reservation holder email serves as further evidence of the company's plans.

As for other salient information, such as range and model variants, we’ll have to wait until Tesla decides to divulge these details closer to the Model X’s launch.


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