Now in its 27th year, Essen's Techno-Classica attracts auto enthusiasts from around the globe, and for 2015, Sant'Agata is bringing some serious hardware to the party.  

It's interesting to note that prior to the Gallardo—of which over 14,000 were produced—vehicles bearing the Raging Bull logo were exceptionally uncommon. But even in the heady world of rare Lamborghinis, each of the cars slated to be on site is a mythical beast. So the opportunity to see them share the stage? That's like catching a sasquatch having tea with a unicorn. 

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And Lamborghini could hardly have selected two more more polarizing examples of its handiwork. 

The hardtop Miura is the automotive world's Helen of Troy. Regularly cited as the most beautiful car ever made, its creation led to "supercar" entering popular parlance, and it launched the ships of the supercar wars which continue today. But in losing provisions for protection from the elements, the one-of-one Miura Roadster of 1968—with its gentle arch of sheet metal behind the cabin and redesigned hindquarters—seemingly improved on perfection.

Initially, the Roadster  was owned by the Lead Zinc Research Organization—proving once and for all that mineral scientists seriously know how to party. Post-restoration, "Zn 75"—as it was referred to by its first owners—still sports the zinc-based paint which served it so well as an ambassador for the metallic element at the culmination of the swinging '60s.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

In contrast, the one-of-nine Veneno Roadster of 2013 exhibits none of the curvaceous grace of its elder sibling, but rather encapsulates the deafening outrageousness of modern Lamborghini's upper echelon. In 2013, the model sold for approximately $4.5 million apiece, though buyers well-heeled enough to consider one will be looking at upwards of $7.5 million today. Conceived with the aim of invoking the drama of a prototype car, the 750-horsepower monster is a howling, street-legal testament to Lamborghini's appetite for excess, and the version which will be on-hand is the only one finished in exclusive Rosso Efesto paint. 

Along with the cars, Lamborghini will also be assisting devotees with finding spare parts to maintain or restore their classics. And if the Lamborghini Authorized Workshops representatives can't locate an upper control arm for your one-of-190 1978 Urraco P300, customers will be able to commission the factory to make one to original specs. 

This year's Techno Classica runs April 15 through 19 in Essen, Germany.


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