William Shatner has teamed up with Illinois-based build shop American Wrench to create a product called "Rivet". It's a three-wheeled motorcycle that promises to pack a powerful V-8 engine and styling reminiscent of a B-17 bomber.

From our view of the renderings it looks more like a triceratops had a threesome with a '59 Cadillac and a Restoration Hardware catalog. The Rivet trike is the unholy result of that ill-advised tryst.

We hate to bag on anyone that is trying to build something fresh and unique. It's a noble endeavor, and one we hope ends well for the team involved. Still, the video above has Shatner coming off a bit like Homer Simpson when he tried to help his half-brother Herbert Powell design a car. The need for a canopy seems to defeat the purpose of wanting to ride such a vehicle. Fitting another seat seems like it will be a bit of a challenge. No, it won't pull wheelies in fourth gear so you don't actually need that wheelie bar. 

Also, if we take a closer look at the rendering we have to ask how the hell is one supposed to actually control it? We see two levers, but we can't believe you'd drive this thing like a tank. There's no way you're leaning it over like a bike either.

Shatner himself says he'll ride the trike from Chicago to Los Angeles once it's ready. We'd wager this project is boldly going nowhere... but we'd love to be proven wrong.


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