Last year, off road youngster RJ Anderson dropped a video bomb on top of the Internet. The 10-minute amaze-fest is called XP1K, and it features Anderson going cuckoo-bananas in a modified Polaris RZR. He has out-Blocked Ken Block on the vehicular video crazy meter. Now he's done it again, outdoing even himself with his latest video titled XP1K2.

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We know side-by-sides are tough little utility vehicles, but we didn't realize just how tough and how capable they really are. RJ rips, flings, throws, tosses, and even grinds his Polaris through a ridiculous course that took two weeks to assemble.

The footage is excellent. The driving is unreal. RJ Anderson is an insane person... and this is apparently part one, with more to come. Stop what you're doing and watch this video. Then watch it three more times to try and grasp as much of the awesome as you can.

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Maybe watch it a fifth time for good measure.


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