Here’s a car that just might have the ability to appease fans from both Chevrolet and Ford. It’s called Helleanor, and it’s a 1967 Ford Mustang packing a 2,000-horsepower Chevy small-block. Oh, it also features a pair of massive turbos located where the grille normally sits, so if you see those shiny snails in your rearview best to get out of the way ASAP.

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The name comes from the car’s resemblance to the famous Eleanor Mustang from the Nicholas Cage-starring Gone In 60 Seconds movie, and we’ll leave you to guess why the owner decided to add on the word “Hell” for his ride.

As mentioned, the car’s engine is a Chevy V-8. The unit displaces 6.4 liters and is fed by a pair of 82-millimeter turbochargers from Precision Turbo. Featured in this video from the Urban Hillbilly, the owner explains that the car is currently running about 26 psi of boost but he plans to lift this to a staggering 35 psi.

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How fast is it down the strip? Go ahead and click play to find out.


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