Filmed from the premises of what appears to be a diner, through the window shade, this video captures a certain sort of vigilante justice we’ve all been known to want: the righteous out-jerking of a jerk parked like a jerk.

The scene: the owner of a C6 Corvette Grand Sport has parked his car across two spots right in front of the building (despite what appears to be a largely vacant lot). The owner of a lifted Jeep Cherokee (Redditor AnotherCJMajor) arrives at the restaurant and proceeds to park alongside—right over the curb and into the island.

While the Jeep driver leaves enough room for the Corvette jerk to get into his car, it’s a close parking job. The video begins as the Corvette driver returns to his car and sees the Jeep parked close by.

The rest, as they say, is pure comedy.