Lamborghini's 2014 Paris Motor Show press conference teaser--is a four-doored model coming?

Lamborghini's 2014 Paris Motor Show press conference teaser--is a four-doored model coming?

The Lamborghini Estoque concept thrilled fans of the brand when it made its debut back in 2008, but since then, despite intermittent rumors of a production intent for the car, it has fallen by the wayside. Now, it looks like the idea of a Lamborghini four-door is back on the rise.

This time, the four-door frenzy is being fueled not by a concept car, but by the line-drawn teaser for what may be the next concept—or perhaps a preview of a production vehicle. According to the Dutch website, it may even be called Asterion.

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Distributed to the press today via email as part of an invitation to Lamborghini’s 2014 Paris Motor Show press conference, the image above, with the tag line “Once perfection is achieved, you can just double it,” has re-invigorated the idea of a four-doored Lambo.

But it’s not entirely clear that’s what’s going on either. As visible in the animated graphic below, the Estoque and the new line drawing don’t match up precisely.

There appears to be an intimation of rear fender vents, which could hint at a mid-engined—and thus two-door—layout for the coming car. Likewise, the roof line and greenhouse implied by the handful of lines in the teaser don’t seem to leave a lot of room for four seats, much less four doors.

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What, then, is Lamborghini planning? That remains to be seen—but Lamborghini can be expected to increase the frequency and clarity of teaser and preview images as the show draws nearer.

Press days for the 2014 Paris Motor Show are October 2-3, 2014. Lamborghini’s press conference will be held Thursday, October 2, at 9:50 a.m. CET.


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