Toyota and Subaru worked together to develop their respective GT 86 (Scion FR-S) and BRZ sports cars, but that may not be the case for any replacement models. Toyota turned to BMW for development of its new flagship sports car, a spiritual successor to the Supra based on the FT-1 concept, and the automaker is reportedly considering using BMW’s help, as opposed to Subaru’s, to develop future sports cars including a next-generation GT 86.'

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When asked by Drive whether Subaru would remain involved in the GT 86 program, Toyota engineer Tetsuya Tada, the man responsible for the GT 86 and future Toyota sports cars, said: "Maybe, but this is not decided at the moment."

When asked if BMW could fill Subaru’s role in the GT 86 program, Tada said: “That is one possibility."

Tetsuya Tada

Tetsuya Tada

Tada has previously said that Toyota would eventually have a three-tier sports car lineup, with a model to be launched above the GT 86 and another below it. All three sports cars are to continue with rear-wheel drive, though some may benefit from vehicle electrification.

In the same Drive interview, Tada is reported to have hinted that a next-generation GT 86 could benefit from a supercapictor-based hybrid system similar to that used in Toyota’s latest Le Mans prototype as well as the previous Yaris Hybrid-R concept. Toyota’s Supra successor is almost certain to feature this technology or something like it.

At present, BMW and Toyota have only confirmed that they are working on a new sports car platform that will eventually spawn one model for Toyota and another for BMW (most likely a Z4 replacement). There have been reports, though, that the two automakers are looking to collaborate on an additional sports car project.


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