While brand stores are quite common for the companies that build supercars and other exotics, they’re still a rather new concept for more mainstream makes although that is slowly starting to change. BMW has opened a series of brand stores over the past couple of years and now Mercedes-Benz is hopping on the bandwagon with its first 'Mercedes me' store in the German city of Hamburg.

The stores follow a model made popular by tech giant Apple and offer touchscreen displays that allow customers to research products and services on offer. There are also configuration tools and staff to provide further information, and when the shopping is done there is a restaurant lounge and exhibition area for art exhibits, readings or concerts.

Mercedes first announced its Mercedes me branding at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show back in March. Covering the digital realm, and now physical stores as well, Mercedes me is designed to offer customers (current and future) greater access to the Mercedes brand. Mercedes me is one part of Mercedes’ strategy to offer the best customer service in the industry by 2020.

“With Mercedes me we have responded successfully to the changed customer wishes and demands,” Mercedes sales and marketing chief Ola Källenius said in a statement. “Whether digitally or physically, we want to offer people a convincing and lasting brand experience.”

The Mercedes me store in Hamburg will be open for visitors starting from tomorrow. The official opening ceremony will be held on June 14 where Mercedes will stage an exhibition of German photographer Olaf Heine. The automaker plans to open many more Mercedes me stores but has not revealed locations yet.


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