Few car companies are as famous as Italian sports car builder Ferrari, and few company bosses as charismatic as its founder, Enzo Anselmo Ferrari. And "il Commendatore" could soon get hits own movie biopic, following in the footsteps of Ayrton Senna, and F1 racers James Hunt and Nikki Lauda in the smash-hit movie Rush.

Los Angeles-based Cecchi Gori Pictures is still putting together the pieces for the 'Ferrari' biopic reports Variety. It follows the tale of Enzo himself and his hotly-fought battles with fellow Italian automaker Maserati. The pieces are all there for an impressive film, from the Troy Kennedy Martin and David Rayfield-penned script, and originally, Al Pacino cast as the lead. The movie has been in gestation for at least a decade, but fell back when original director Sydney Pollack passed away.

Cecci Gori is currently scouting locations, and CEO Niels Juul says the script just needs a little "dusting off" to be ready. Juul is also working with Pam Yates, wife of journalist and author Brock Yates, who wrote 1991’s Enzo Ferrari: The Man, the Cars, the Races—the basis of the Enzo movie. The company expects to announce more on the movie's financing in a month or two.


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