The experimental XX version of Ferrari’s LaFerrari flagship has been spotted once again at the Nürburgring, and this time our spy photographers have managed to score some video footage. The car looks absolutely ballistic as it’s pushed to its limits on the German track, and the sound of its engine is just as exhilarating.

If you compare the note with a previous video of the regular LaFerrari, the track-only XX version has a higher pitch that suggests the car may be running a different level of tuning or perhaps even a different engine altogether. A recent report claimed the LaFerrari XX is packing a turbocharged V-6 whose design is derived from the unit powering Ferrari’s 2014 Formula One car. Whatever is fitted behind the seats, it should enable the LaFerrari XX to be one of the fastest production-based cars to ever circle the Green Hell. According to onlookers, this early prototype lapped the ‘Ring in just 6:35.

In a previous interview, Antonello Coletta, the head of Ferrari’s Sporting Activity Department, said the LaFerrari XX was unlikely to benefit from any power upgrades, as the regular LaFerrari’s 950 horsepower is more than adequate. He explained that engineers were more focused on the handling of the car. Look for the LaFerrari XX to benefit from some weight-saving measures, improved aerodynamics (with a focus on downforce), slick tires, new suspension, and revised electronic stability and traction systems.

A debut is expected to take place early next year, which means we may see the car unveiled to the public at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show next March. While the LaFerrari is being produced in a limited run of 499 cars, all of which have been sold, the LaFerrari XX will likely add a couple of dozen units to that tally.

For more details, including additional spy shots, check out our previous report.


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