The head of Ferrari’s newly-established Sporting Activity Department, Antonello Coletta, has confirmed that a track-only XX version of the LaFerrari supercar is already being developed. The XX designation is used by Ferrari for its experimental vehicles, which form the basis of the automaker’s track-based research and development program. Previous examples have included the Enzo-based FXX and FXX Evolution as well as the 599-based 599XX and 599XX Evolution.

“Now we are working on the new hypercar for the circuit, the LaFerrari XX,” Coletta told Drive. "I hope that the new car will arrive on the circuit in January or February of next year.”

Coletta also said that rather than extracting more performance from the standard LaFerrari’s hybrid drivetrain, which is already producing upwards of 950 horsepower and 663 pound-feet of torque, engineers will be focusing on the handling of the car. He explained that the LaFerrari was tuned for the road and that a track-only car like the LaFerrari XX requires completely different settings.

Look for the LaFerrari XX to benefit from some weight-saving measures, improved aerodynamics (with a focus on downforce), slick tires, new suspension, and revised electronic stability and traction systems.

While the LaFerrari is being produced in a limited run of 499 cars, all of which have been sold, the LaFerrari XX will likely add a couple of dozen units to that tally. These won’t be drivable on the street, however. The XX cars are typically kept and maintained by Ferrari, with owners flying in to various race tracks around the world to drive the cars on the track and provide feedback to engineers. The program is designed for Ferrari’s most loyal customers, although it’s not unusual to find XX cars for sale on the used car market.

During the same interview with Drive, Coletta also confirmed that Ferrari was considering a return to top-level racing at Le Mans, something company president Luca di Montezemolo has previously hinted at. But he also stated that Ferrari is unlikely to make the move unless a budget cap is introduced in Formula One where most of its motorsport resources are devoted.


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