Ferrari’s successor to the Enzo is still way out on the horizon, but the potent FXX that's already in the hands of owners is a clear pointer to the kind of performance you can expect. The Italian automaker has gathered important feedback from its 29 client test-drivers of the exclusive FXX and this information will be used in future Ferrari designs.

The FXX is very much a prototype undergoing real-world testing. Actual data about the car is still confidential with Ferrari being very selective in the information it gives its owners about the vehicles.

The car is significantly different underneath the skin to the already excellent Enzo. The FXX’s 800 hp and 508 pound-feet of torque easily beats the Enzo’s numbers, not to mention the 500 odd pound weight advantage of the former. Gear changes are said to be at a different level, happening in fewer than 100 milliseconds – nearly as fast as the Formula One car.

The release date of the new supercar is still several years away, at least we have the FXX to ogle at until then.


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