It was in early 2014 that China’s Wanxiang bought the remains of bankrupt electric car startup Fisker Automotive. Since then the company has launched a new website for Fisker, started a service program for existing Fisker customers, and announced plans to start production of Fisker’s svelte Karma extended-range electric sedan at a plant in California. Now, as it gears up for Fisker’s market return, Wanxiang has decided to rebrand the revived automaker as Karma Automotive.

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“With new ownership, a new management team, and a new production site, all here in California, it was time to communicate change," Karma Chief Marketing Officer James Taylor said in a statement.

Along with the new name, there’s also a new logo. This particular change doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering the original logo was the property of Fisker Coachbuild and used under license. Fisker Coachbuild was Henrik Fisker’s original coachbuilding business also located in California.

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What hasn’t been changed is the name of Fisker’s extended-range electric sedan. It will keep its Karma name when Karma starts selling it again. Karma says sales will commence in 2016, with pricing for the sedan expected to start around $115,000.

Though it’s yet to be confirmed, there will likely be changes made to the sedan, particularly in the area of battery technology since the original lithium-ion unit from A123 Systems, also purchased by Wanxiang after bankruptcy, proved problematic. Battery technology has also improved since the time of the sedan’s development.

Production will take place at a new plant in Moreno Valley, California.


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