Since buying up the remains of bankrupt automaker Fisker Automotive in early 2014, China's Wanxiang has been adamant it will be able to relaunch Fisker’s Karma extended-range electric sedan as well as move production from the previous plant in Finland to a new site located in the U.S.

The new Fisker, officially Fisker Automotive and Technology Group (FATG), has now announced it will open a new manufacturing facility for the Karma in Moreno Valley, California, close to the company’s Costa Mesa headquarters. Crucially, the new facility will be in the same state where rival firm Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] builds its battery-powered electric cars.

“FATG believes in the quality, work ethic and competitiveness of manufacturing in the United States,” marketing chief James Taylor said in a statement. “California's natural beauty, trend setting, technology, and environmental focus are perfectly aligned with our Karma relaunch.”

The only other detail revealed today is that about 150 full-time jobs will be created to run the operation.

Recently, FATG reached out to existing Karma owners, offering them a customer support program that included a list of service centers for the Karma. It’s not clear when production of the Karma will restart, but it’s thought that FATG is investing significant amounts of money to update the car, which was last built in 2012 but was first unveiled as a concept in 2008. According to sources, FATG may relaunch the Karma by mid-2016, possibly under a new brand.