Sports car manufacturer Porsche from today will be led by Oliver Blume. The 47-year-old was previously in charge of production and logistics and was promoted to the top job following last week’s announcement that Matthias Müller, Blume’s predecessor, is to lead the Volkswagen Group following CEO Martin Winterkorn’s resignation in the wake of the diesel emissions scandal.

Blume takes over Porsche at a crucial time. Not only will he have to deal with any fallout from the emissions scandal of Porsche’s Volkswagen Group parent, but he will also have to oversee the investment of more than a billion dollars in current production sites over the next five years.

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For example, Porsche is upgrading its main plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany to handle production of all its sports cars. It will mean that not only will all 911 and Boxster cars come off the assembly line there, but also Cayman models starting next summer.

Other management reshuffles at Porsche include the promotion of Porsche’s former U.S. chief Detlev von Platen to head of sales and marketing. In addition, Porsche’s former finance chief Lutz Meschke has been reassigned to deputy CEO.


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