It's been almost a month since we've heard anything about the BMW X2, but now the bimmerheads at Bimmerpost have what they're calling confirmation from a BMW "insider" that the coupe-y crossover-y small-y thing will be coming soon.

In a spate of model proliferation the likes of which the world has never seen--it's BMW's Cambrian explosion--yet another new model is expected to hit the sales floor sometime in 2017 or thereabouts. And it will be riding around on next-gen MINI Paceman bones.

That's all pretty much in line with what we already knew about the upcoming X2, in that the UKL platform that also underpins the 2014 MINI Cooper and the next iteration of the Countryman, will flesh out with some BMW hardware. Front-wheel drive (with available all-wheel drive), compact dimensions, and transverse engines are all part of the deal--though the report indicates the X2 will be xDrive (all-wheel drive) only. The next-generation BMW X1 is also expected to ride on this platform, making the X2 a just-ever-so-slightly different version of the X1. Or of the Paceman. Or the Countryman. Or something.

The X2, should it materialize, will join the X6 and recently unveiled X4 among BMW's even-numbered and roughly coupe-like Sport Activity Vehicle portfolio.