If someone told you they saw a cyclist end up safely on a mattress after being hit by a truck moving at high speed, you’d probably think they were making it up or referencing a scene from a Wile E. Coyote cartoon. Well, such an incident happened recently, likely somewhere in Brazil, with the action captured by a security camera as it unfolded.

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The video above, uploaded to YouTube by user Carlos Menezes (via SB Nation), shows the cyclist being thrown in the air after getting clipped by a light truck moving at high speed. The bike is dragged along with the truck but the cyclist lands on a mattress that miraculously flies out of the truck’s bed at the same time as the accident and lands just in the right spot.

Fortunately, it appears the cyclist didn’t receive any major injuries, although--understandably--he appears somewhat disoriented by the whole ordeal.


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