Land Rover used this week’s 2014 Geneva Motor Show to confirm that its Discovery nameplate, which is currently used overseas for the LR4 model, will eventually be used for a whole family of models in the same way that the Range Rover badge currently spans three different models. Land Rover also confirmed that the first model from the new Discovery family will go on sale in 2015.

Along with the confirmation, Land Rover presented this teaser video which shows the silhouette of a crossover SUV, likely to be the first model to come from the new Discovery family. Though it’s yet to be confirmed, that first model is likely to be the replacement for the LR2, which have been testing in the wild for the past year and rumored in the past to be getting the Discovery name.

As was previously reported, Land Rover is planning to expand its lineup with several new crossovers and SUVS and to help differentiate these will group them into three distinct categories: luxury, leisure and utility. The luxury category is to consist of Range Rover-branded models, while the utility category is to feature models wearing the iconic Defender nameplate. That leaves the leisure category, which today we’ve learned will consist of Discovery-branded models.

In addition to the LR2 replacement, expect the Discovery family to include the eventual replacement for the LR4 and possibily a new compact model smaller than the current Range Rover Evoque.

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