Land Rover is riding high at the moment, enjoying strong sales across the globe and particularly in the Chinese market. Aware that its cars have to become more efficient to meet future regulations though, the company has embarked upon a technology drive, developing everything from hybrid Range Rovers to an electric Land Rover Defender. A new smaller Land Rover model is likely to join the range at some point, and that new model could well carry the newly-trademarked Landy name.

British publication Autocar reveals the automaker has applied to trademark the Landy title--often used as an affectionate term for the brand's vehicles. The trademark is intended to cover everything from vehicles, to accessories, clothing, scale models and franchising for vehicle dealerships. It's sparked rumors that Land Rover could finally be working on a proposed smaller model, sitting below the LR2 and Range Rover Evoque in the lineup. Such a model would take on cars as diverse as the MINI Countryman and Paceman to the upcoming Jeepster from Jeep and Q1 from Audi.

Previously, Land Rover has struggled to make a case for a smaller model, but as the compact crossover and SUV segments increase in global markets, the time could be right for Land Rover's smallest, most efficient model ever. If it arrives, it's likely to sit on the Evoque's platform, and there are suggestions it could carry styling inspired by the chunky DC100 concepts.


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