Land Rover is currently working on its next-generation LR2, which is expected to ride on an extended Range Rover Evoque platform and make its debut late next year. However, the new vehicle isn’t expected to be called an LR2 nor is it likely to adopt the Freelander name used for versions of the LR2 sold overseas.

Instead, Autocar reports that the next LR2 will likely adopt the Discovery nameplate, which Land Rover fans will recognize as the name used for the LR4 in overseas markets. For the U.S. market, it's likely that both the next LR2 and the next LR4 will adopt a version of the Discovery nameplate.

As was previously reported, Land Rover is planning to expand its lineup with several new crossovers and SUVS and to help differentiate these will group them into three distinct categories: luxury, leisure and utility.

The luxury category will consist of the Range Rover-branded models like the regular Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque. An ultra-luxurious, long-wheelbase Range Rover is expected to be the next to join this group and it's rumored that a long-wheelbase Range Rover Evoque is also planned.

The utility category, meanwhile, will be made up of models derived from the next-generation Defender, which was previewed by the DC100 concept first shown in 2011. The last we heard, development of the new Defender was being delayed and the number of variants likely to be pruned back.

Finally, the leisure category will feature the LR2 and LR4 models, and are tipped to all be branded as Discovery models. The Discovery models will be targeted at buyers of the BMW X3 and X5 and similar premium soft-roaders, though there will be a distinct price difference between these and the upmarket Range Rover models. If given the green light, a compact crossover would also join this group.

Land Rover LR4 HSE Luxury Special Edition

Land Rover LR4 HSE Luxury Special Edition


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