It's the news that many will claim to have seen coming, yet it's still sad to read. According to CNN, the coroner in the Paul Walker/Roger Rodas accident has recently concluded  that the Porsche Carrera GT being driven by Roger Rodas was traveling at over 100 miles per hour at the time of the crash.

Initial reports stated that the speed was likely between 30 and 45 miles per hour, but this has now been refuted and helps make more sense of the damage to the car and the occupants inside of it. It could also put more of a pinch on Fast and Furious 7.

There's no doubt this bit of news will trigger new debates on the matter. It's immediately clear that this amount of speed is too much for a simple public road. There's no question now that Roger and Paul were doing something they shouldn't have.

We're not going to dwell on that, because they weren't driving in anger or racing another car. They weren't blitzing through pedestrian crosswalks, and they weren't out to hurt anyone. They made a mistake, and they paid the ultimate price. We celebrate speed quite often here on Motor Authority, and we'd be hypocrites to rage against Walker and Rodas. They were both good people who had a preventable accident. We don't always obey all speed limits, and most reading this could say the same. Yes, this example is excessive but it's in the same spirit as the average Honda Civic racing to the next stop light or a BMW owner enjoying their car on a canyon road.

It could happen to anyone... and we don't wish that to be the case, for anyone. Remember, you probably don't live that far from a racetrack...


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