Ken Block's fun and freakishly creative car antics with his Gymkhana series reached truly insane heights with Gymkhana Six. But even then, it's kind of become routine--expected, even. The impact of the first Gymkhana is impossible to match. We're desensitized (though some of the parodies can still make us laugh).

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But what if you took Ken Block and shrunk him to 1/18 scale?

Then you'd have this, the "micro scale" HPI Racing Micro RS4 remote-control tribute to Gymkhana Six.

While it lacks the voluminous tire smoke, the denial of physics and its supposed laws is taken to the next level, with the tiny four-wheel drifts, slides, and precision maneuvers executed with utter exactitude. And that's before you realize someone is doing all of this stuff remotely, from a third-person perspective.

Crazy cool.