The life of a movie stunt coordinator is hectic, exciting, fast-paced, complicated, calculated and ever so slightly awesome. Lance Gilbert is one such stunt coordinator, and he's worked on hundreds of movies in his career, including Waterworld, Titanic, Terminator 3 and many more. He also worked on Fast Five and Gone In Sixty Seconds, two movies that give you a clue as to what his work is like when cars are also involved--and what next year's Need For Speed movie might be like.

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The video above gives you something of a hint as to some of Need For Speed's scenes. We've already had a taste of the action from the recently-revealed trailer, and know the movie will be a real supercar-fest just like the video games from which it's inspiration is drawn. That includes a race between three Koenigseggs, one of which comes to a fiery and expensive-looking end--though mercifully, as the stunt video shows, no real Koenigseggs were harmed in the making of that particular scene. The SUVs and Chargers acting as police vehicles though? Possibly not so lucky...

It does show the lengths that stunt departments will go to in order to get the desired effect, though. From rigging up a real Koenigsegg to push and pull a trailer to constructing a large sled to replicate its mid-air movements. What may otherwise have been filmed entirely in CGI is given a new, more realistic spin by drawing on the skills of an experienced coordinator like Gilbert.

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Whatever the plot of the film is like (and judging by the trailer, originality won't be its strong suit...), car guys and action fans should find plenty to enjoy in its stunts.