Mercedes-Benz unveiled its wild Gran Turismo Concept at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show. This is the automaker's vision of motoring in the future, and it's a vision we can get behind.

Unfortunately, the Gran Turismo Concept is just that--a concept vehicle that won't be built, well, ever. At least not by Mercedes-Benz directly.

However, it appears that some enterprising fabricators are looking to produce the Gran Turismo Concept, and it could be in your garage if you're ready to fork over $1.5 million.

Per the listing on JamesEdition, the car will be built using the 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT as the base vehicle. From there, the body will be formed using carbon fiber and ADV.1 will create wheels to mimic the look of those found on the concept vehicle. A carbon-fiber body will help reduce the weight of the SLS AMG GT, and the listing says customers can specify custom changes to the interior of the vehicle.

Just five will be created, and one is already under contract. The listing states that two will go to Europe, two will wind up in the Middle East, and the final car will make its way to the United States. We're extremely curious to see how this project turns out. If it winds up looking like the Gran Turismo Concept then we may just declare that this is money well spent.

Well... once you juice up the power a bit to match the wild looks.


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