In supercar terms, Lamborghini's Gallardo is positively ancient. Familiarity may have dulled the looks only slightly but in terms of performance and driver appeal, more recent offerings have really made it feel its age.

That matters not though, as a new Lambo supercar is on the way soon. And as Auto Express reports, Lamborghini has chosen to name the car, Huracan. The German-owned Italian marque has had the name trademarked since April 2012, and as you'd expect it is a reference to hurricane. Huracan itself was the Mayan god of fire, wind and storms, later adopted by the Spanish for its current meaning.

It's a clue to the performance that Lamborghini's new 5.2-liter, V-10 engined supercar will offer. Power is expected to top 600 horses, most likely through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Like its closest rival, the Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini will stick with natural aspiration, so that V-10 should sing as sweetly as ever.

The Huracan was originally expected to carry the Cabrera name, and the car has featured in a bizarre series of short videos under the 'Hexagon Project' name. Styling-wise, the new model will take inspiration from the marque's crazy Sesto Elemento lightweight supercar--more aggressive than the Gallardo and sure to live up to that new name.

For more details, including spy shots, click here.


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