A tuner known for some of the industry’s wildest and wackiest mods has teamed with a soccer team manager and a luxury lifestyle group to build a new supercar. That supercar, the focus of the teaser shot above, is the Mourinho, named after José Mourinho, the manager of British soccer club Chelsea.

The brains behind the project is the Raff House, an exclusive club based in Russia that specializes in watchmaking, jewelry and gastronomy. Perhaps buoyed by the progress of W Motors and its $3.4 million supercar, the Raff House has decided to venture into the world of supercars and is planning a limited run of Mourinho supercars, which will be built by tuning firm Mansory.

According to the Raff House, the Mourinho will feature a carbon fiber body and special vents finished in chrome-plated aluminum. These vents are said to feature a color that’s very difficult to manufacture.

Peak output will be 750 horsepower, but from what source is yet to be disclosed. The Raff House does boast that the Mourinho will feature some unique technologies, though. The Raff House also boasts that the Mourinho will unite the best of Ferrari and Aston Martin: a powerful engine with perfect comfort and class.

Only 11 examples will be built, with the first example already promised to José Mourinho.


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