A Canadian firm by the name of Dubuc Super Light Car has come out with a kit car that offers fans of performance driving an affordable and lightweight sports model. The kit car is called the Tomahawk and it’s scheduled to make a debut at the 2014 Montreal Auto Show in mid-January.

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The basic package, which consists of a complete rustproof body and frame, costs $19,995 and requires only the installation of mechanical components. This enables a completed car to be built in around 250 hours for a skilled individual, which Dubuc boasts is significantly faster than for most other kit cars on the market. The total budget, using parts sourced from a retired automobile (ideally a C4 Chevrolet Corvette), could be as low as $30,000.

The Tomahawk features a 300-pound aluminum monocoque frame, bonded and bolted, with a lightweight polymer body. It includes steering wheel support, pre-pierced holes for wires and hoses, and a custom two-seater cabin, which can comfortably seat a driver as tall as 6'3" and weighing 275 pounds. The complete kit also includes doors that open at a 75-degree angle, panels for the door innards and dashboard, a DOT-approved windshield, a transparent targa roof, and side mirrors.

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At less than 2,000 pounds fully completed, the Tomahawk should offer performance comparable with many modern sports cars. There’s no mention of what type of engine fits best in the car, but Dubuc states that an electric drive system will soon be available. The company is currently designing control systems and other requirements for an electric drive system exclusive to the Tomahawk.

Dubuc is currently taking orders for the Tomahawk, with deliveries of the kit scheduled to commence next year.


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