Texas is apparently becoming the go-to place for producers looking to develop an automotive show about fast cars. We're not complaining, of course, because more fast cars filling up our DVR is a good thing. The latest vehicle (ha!) to hit the airwaves looks to be a show called Gear Heads. This show follows builders Nick Field and Rick Ford as they create very quick machines from the inside of their Houston-based shop called Fastlane.

From the trailer, it appears that the duo prefer to focus on modern muscle. Additionally, it seems the goal of each build will be to go fast... very fast. The Texas Mile lineup is shown, which means we could be looking at machines ready to blast past 200 miles per hour.

The initial run for Gear Heads will be five episodes. It seems the show will air on MAV TV, which is a television network owned by Lucas Oil. That means it's a network filled with a whole bunch of other shows you'll probably enjoy, including Chop Cut Rebuild and My Classic Car. The new show Gear Heads will hit the MAV TV airwaves starting this January.


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