While some are wondering what, exactly, the Cadillac ELR's competitive set might be, others are just wondering what colors they can get. For those wishing there were a "white diamond" ELR, you're in luck: Cadillac and Saks Fifth Avenue have teamed to offer a special-edition model in exactly that color, exclusively.

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Formally named the 2014 Saks Fifth Avenue Special Edition Cadillac ELR (the name is about as long as the ELR's all-electric range), the car will list for $89,500, and include an upgraded 240-volt charging station (installation included) valued at $3,000. Only 100 units of the Saks Fifth Avenue ELR will be built.

Other benefits for Saks ELR owners include a special ELR Concierge Representative. As Cadillac explains it, "Trained in white-glove customer care, the Concierge Representative is an additional point of contact beyond the customer’s Cadillac dealer for information on battery care, home charging, service scheduling, and news and updates by calling 1-855-INFO-ELR (1-855-463-6357)."

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In other words, you get a virtual butler with your special-edition ELR.

You'd better get some kind of added value for the $13,505 premium over the $75,995 standard ELR's price, after all. A butler is the least they could do.

Of course, you'll also get that special "white diamond" paint job.

The 2014 Saks Fifth Avenue Special Edition Cadillac ELR can be ordered now, through the 2013 Saks Holiday Catalog, but it won't be delivered until March 2014.

This isn't the only Saks-edition Cadillac coming this season, either: a 2015 Escalade painted the same shade will be revealed on November 25 at the Saks flagship store near Rockefeller Center in New York City.