America has exported many things to the United Kingdom in the past--Coca-Cola, McDonalds, The Simpsons--but its latest export appears to be rednecks. Were it not for the relatively young Land Rover Defender in the video above, this automotive tug of war could easily have been filmed on the western side of the pond. But no--both the Defender and its Cummins-equipped Ram rival are U.K. registered, competing in the ultimate battle of brawn.

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What you might not expect to see is the 2.5-liter diesel-engined Land Rover to beat its 5.9-liter, inline-6 diesel rival... repeatedly. We already know Defenders to be among the world's best off-road vehicles and formidable when the going gets really rough, but giving away so much power and torque would always be a struggle.

With differential locks, permanent all-wheel drive, a manual gearbox and a more even distribution of weight across its axles, the Land Rover does have some advantages in such a situation. And then there's driver technique--there's no better way to win a tug of war than to let the other guy spin up his wheels first and lose all his traction.

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Some of you might be surprised to see a Ram in the U.K. at all. While not officially sold there, some individuals are still prepared to overlook its gargantuan size and fuel efficiency in the teens (despite fuel costing around $8 per gallon) for a good ol' slice of 'Murica.

Sadly, the Defender's reign is finally coming to an end, with Land Rover recently announcing it's to stop production in December 2015. Its successor, likely to share characteristics with the DC100 concept, should debut a year or two later.

We're sure someone will enter it into a tug of war soon after...


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