Ferrari’s F12 Berlinetta is near perfection in standard form, yet somehow the tuners at Novitec Rosso manage to consistently improve upon the car. The German tuner was one of the first to get its hands on the F12 and now, one year on, it has released a new wide-body conversion for the stunning supercar.

Yes, Novitec’s new N-Largo upgrade for the F12 sees the car’s width increased to 80.7 inches, up from a stock 76.5 inches. At the same time, modifications to the car’s 6.3-liter V-12 sees output raised to 781 horsepower, up from the stock 729 horsepower. Top speed now registers at roughly 217 mph.

The N-Largo upgrade consists of new fenders and bumpers, all designed with aerodynamics and cooling in mind. For example, the shape of front bumper and the central front blade was optimized in the wind tunnel to reduce lift and further improve handling stability. At the rear, a combination of a five-piece diffuser and rear wing create additional downforce at high speeds.

In terms of cooling, slots are integrated into the back of each front fender flare to assist in venting the air heated by the ceramic brakes as quickly as possible. The rear flares, meanwhile, feature large integrated brake cooling ducts that route air to the rear wing and diffuser. The final touch is a pair of custom side sills, designed to ensure smooth airflow between the front and rear fenders.

The new body components are made from carbon fiber and have a fit and finish that looks as good as you get straight out of Maranello. Also part of the conversion are custom wheels: 21-inch forged three-piece wheels at the front and 22-inch wheels at the rear. Finally, the suspension has also been tweaked to accommodate the widened track and a front lift kit installed.

Modifications to the drivetrain included new mapping for the ECU and the addition of a high-flow exhaust system.

Novitec hasn’t mentioned any upgrades for the interior but offers leather and Alcantara trim in any desired color. Previous Novitec cars have also come with carbon fiber trim.


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