Audi has a new way to show off the 2014 R8, as if it needed one.

The German car maker is adding R8-specific content to its Audi Library iPad app. The app features a digital brochure with animation and videos highlighting the R8's many impressive features.

One video focuses on the 2014 R8's S tronic seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, focusing on the S tronic's extremely fast shift speeds. Are they trying to get buyers to forget about clutch pedals, perhaps?

Users can also configure their own 2014 R8 V10 Plus.

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A new addition to the 2014 R8 line, the V10 Plus wears the same refreshed styling as the other models, but sits at the top of the pyramid in terms of performance.

Replacing the R8 GT, it has the same 5.2-liter V10, but with 550 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque.

Offered exclusively as a coupe, the Plus splits the difference between the GT (560 hp, 398 lb-ft) and base V10 models (525 hp, 390 lb-ft).

The V10 Plus can sprint to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, and reach a top speed of almost 197 mph.

However, thanks to the V10 Plus' $174,795 base price, most people won't be able to experience that performance. Downloading the Audi Library app and designing a virtual R8 will have to be enough to satisfy the unwashed masses.


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