Lincoln is desperate to get its luxury message across and further separate itself from the Ford brand, whose models lend their platforms for Lincoln’s entire lineup. Rather than develop its own platforms, powertrains or standalone dealerships, Lincoln plans to stand out by offering “premium amenities,” “a total sales experience” and “innovative technology.”

We guess the brand’s new Black Label branding falls into the premium amenities category. Lincoln says Black Label is a higher level expression of design, style, materials and craftsmanship, designed for both the exteriors and interiors of its cars. However, Black Label also encompasses the sales experience and will include some special services for customers (to be announced at a later date).

Lincoln is showcasing the tangible aspects of Black Label at the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, using the MKZ sedan as well as the MKC concept car, which previews the brand’s upcoming compact crossover. Black Label, however, will eventually be available on every new Lincoln.

Similar to personalization services from rival luxury makes, such as BMW Individual or Mercedes-Benz designo, Lincoln customers will soon be able to pick and choose premium features when ordering their cars.

Black Label trim can be broken down into three main categories, inspired by fashion, food and architecture as well as lifestyles and experiences, Lincoln tells us. The categories are: Center Stage, Indulgence and Modern Heritage.

2013 Lincoln MKZ Black Label Center Stage

2013 Lincoln MKZ Black Label Center Stage

Center Stage, as the name suggests, was inspired by fashion and theater and is designed for customers that want to express themselves the most. Special touches include black interiors with contrasting red headliner, perforated Alcantara and specialty leathers.

Indulgence is aimed at customers who like to spoil themselves, aka chocolate lovers. This category includes ganache and truffle colored leathers and rich wood trim with no added dyes or stains.

Finally, Modern Heritage is aimed at buyers who appreciate a clean and modern aesthetic. Here, wood and metallic trim can be found. The MKC concept (pictured below) has been designed with the Modern Heritage theme in mind. It features a Chroma Flame exterior, leather-wrapped and stitched surfaces, and natural woods around the dash.

Don’t rush out to your Lincoln dealer just yet; Black Label is intended to launch near the end of 2014.


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