There are only so many different types of vehicles you can make that wear the MINI badge on the back. Or so it would seem.

The automaker has been able to churn out a handful of models over the years, and it looks primed to add even more iterations to its family of automobiles.

According to Car Sales, MINI will be taking advantage of the new front-drive platform established by BMW to produce a plethora of new vehicles. To make some room, however, it's going to give the axe to both the coupe and roadster.

One of the new MINI machines we will be seeing is a brand new sports car. This vehicle won't share any body panels with current MINI products but will retain some styling cues found throughout the lineup, such as the rounded headlamps. Both a coupe and convertible version will allegedly be produced, and each should be offered up in the standard S and JCW flavors.

While the move to produce a new sports car would signify this vehicle as becoming a lower volume product, it would be replacing a vehicle that already sells in smaller numbers. The thinking is to then offer something more interesting if it will sell in less quantities than the bread and butter products already offered.

The idea of a MINI sports car is rather exciting as the automaker is already known for producing sporty, fun-to-drive vehicles. Adding in even greater levels of performance can only be a good thing, especially when the underpinnings were designed and engineered by BMW.


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