There are plenty of stories about unique and amazing barn finds. Someone creeps into that old building hiding on an abandoned property and there just so happens to be a dusty Cobra chilling with the cobwebs. This, however, is a story about an interesting tunnel find.

A worker at a former Mini factory rescued the final 1275 GT Clubman to be produced at the now-shuttered plant, and it recently went off to auction.

The car in question served as a utility vehicle for workers at the plant. It was driven around in the tunnels of the facility for years until a storage container fell on top of it and wrecked it. There it sat until decades later when the tunnels were set to be filled in. A worker went in, rescued the vehicle, and sent it off to the Silverstone Auctions.

This Mini may be in rough shape, but fans of the brand are excited that it was saved. The car is missing its engine and gearbox, and its a crinkled shell of a machine. Still, it fetched nearly $2,500 at auction, and could serve as a wonderful museum piece. It's a part of the brand's history, and there's even some talk of an attempt at restoring it.

That would be quite the task, and we think it actually serves as cool conversational fodder as it currently sits. A crumpled classic Mini would add a bit of intrigue to anyones garage.


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