The Jaguar-Land Rover group is in the process of a new product onslaught. With the new 2013 Range Rover, 2014 Jaguar F-Type, and now the 2014 Range Rover Sport, there's no shortage of new metal being introduced. But are all these new vehicles winners?

The new 2013 Range Rover was the first of these three vehicles to launch. By going all-aluminum the Range Rover shed 800 pounds when compared to its predecessor. That's an impressive feat on a vehicle that weighs more than two tons. This improved both fuel economy and handling without affecting the legendary off-road capabilities this vehicle is known for. We put all this to the test during our first driving experience in Morocco.

The 2014 F-Type is being heralded as the return of the sports car to the Jaguar lineup. Some are drawing comparisons to the legendary E-Type, but we spent most of our time seeing how it stacks up against the Porsche Boxster and 911. While a little heavier than we'd like, the 2014 Jaguar F-Type is very comfortable, and the dynamics leave little to be desired on the road.

The latest new vehicle from the Jaguar-Land Rover group is the new 2014 Range Rover Sport. Sharing part of its platform with the 2013 Range Rover, it also lost 800 pounds over its predecessor. It's also the fastest production Range Rover in history. It handles better than an SUV should, and it can go places off-road that no owner would likely take a vehicle this expensive. We just spent some time in Wales driving it, and we are going to call it a win.

For those who are counting, that's three new vehicle launches in less than a year, and we are calling all of them winners. So what's next? The Land Rover LR4 is due for an update, and the Jaguar compact sports sedan is coming to compete with the BMW 3-Series. We've also already heard rumors regarding the next-generation XJ full-size luxury sedan. It's clear that the Jaguar-Land Rover group is hard at work, and we can only hope they will be as well executed as the three latest products.


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