British engineering outfit Bluebird, a name synonymous with setting land speed records, has announced plans to transfer its go-fast technology to the world of production cars.

The last we heard, Bluebird was working on an electric car capable of reaching a top speed of 500 mph or more and in the process set a new land speed record for zero-emission cars (the current record stands at 307.7 mph).

While Bluebird hasn’t given up on that goal, the company has announced plans to launch an electric sports car as well as an electric race car designed for the Formula E Championship.

Few details about either model have been revealed, though Bluebird has released some interesting teasers.

The electric sports car, to be called the DC50, features a distinct shape inspired by past Bluebird record breakers. Only 50 examples will be built, each with a peak rating of 360 horsepower, a range of up to 200 miles and the performance to match a Porsche.

The Formula E racer, meanwhile, is called the GTL and is described as Bluebird's “vision” for the all-electric global race series due to start in 2014. It’s not clear if any teams will be running the Bluebird GTL, however.

Both vehicles will make their debut at the Sustainable MotoExpo, which takes place at the U.K.’s National Motor Museum in Beaulieu on September 28, 2013.

Bluebird GTL Formula E race car

Bluebird GTL Formula E race car


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