• Bluebird DC50 electric sports car

    British engineering outfit Bluebird, a name synonymous with setting land speed records, has announced plans to transfer its go-fast technology to the world of production cars. The last we heard, Bluebird was working on an electric car capable of reaching a top speed of 500 mph or more and in the process set a new land speed record for zero-emission cars (the current record stands at 307.7 mph). While Bluebird hasn’t given up on that goal, the company has announced plans to launch an electric sports car as well as an electric race car designed for the Formula E Championship. Few details...

  • Electric Bluebird Land Speed Record Car
    Want A Piece Of A World Speed Record? Bluebird Electric Car Team Needs Your Help

    One of those pesky, little complaints that today's electric car just can't live down is the fact that it can't quite perform at the same level as its dirtier, gas-pumping brethren. It can't travel as far. It can't drive as fast. And it may just leave you for dead in the middle of nowhere. But the...

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