Jay Leno always gets to drive the coolest machines on the planet. This means he might also have spent some impromptu face time with the fine folks patrolling the highways of Southern California.

In fact, Leno recently spent a bunch of time with the California Highway Patrol because he invited them to his garage to get a look at a bit of CHP motoring history. The CHP brought out five classic cop cars plus the brand-new Ford Explorer Police Interceptor.

The lineup includes a 1982 Ford Mustang, 1966 Dodge Polara, a Crown Victoria, a 1970 Mercury with a 429, and a 1969 Polara packing a 440. Jay takes a look at each machine and chats with former commissioner Spike Helmick. In fact, Leno gets Helmick to pick out his favorite from the lineup and gives the audience a second to guess which he'll choose. We guessed wrong, by the way.

Eventually the two hop into one of the classics and head on out to the surrounding streets. Leno also takes it out on the highway, where he gets to play with the horn-activated siren, the lights, and all the other goodies that would certainly leave us giggling like children. It's a great look at a bit of police history, and it proves that Jay really does get to drive everything.


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