Gran Turismo 6 and Forza 5 might be inching closer on the horizon, but many virtual racing fans are already locked down thanks to the world of computer-based racing sims. There are a handful to choose from, with SimRaceway and iRacing seeming to be the go-to simulators of choice.

A few competitors are popping up, one of which is RaceRoom Racing Experience, and the developers just released another video highlighting the game's pluses.

This racing sim touts that it offers a constantly updating library of cars and racetracks. Racing classes are offered so that rookies and pros can compete with folks running at the same level. The graphics appear top-notch, but we do believe that 95 percent of the footage shown in the clip is not actual gameplay. If you notice at 1:52 it appears that Mr. Kitty Kat has gone racing and needs to grab a car from his sequential shift lever. Still, the mechanics and visuals seem more than impressive enough to be rather entertaining.

There are a few problems though, judging by the comments below the video on its YouTube page. Apparently the game doesn't offer up multi-player support just yet. That seems rather odd, since fans of racing sims often enjoy racing against family, friends, and other competitors. To not have multi-player for a racing game seems a bit shortsighted.

Still, the game seems worthy of a look... and will help hold us over until we can turn back to our consoles for the latest Gran Turismo and Forza offerings.


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