Mosler Automotive, founded by Warren Mosler during the 1980s, had a knack for making really awesome road cars that looked horrible, although it could be argued that Mosler's original Consulier GTP had a very cool 'form follows function' quality to it.

By the late 1990s, Mosler started work on a new project that would eventually lead to the stunning MT900. But despite the car’s performance, which still puts some modern supercars to shame, sales never took off and the brand would continue to languish in obscurity.

Sadly, Warren Mosler has given up on the brand he started.

It has been confirmed that a private entity known as RP High Performance, the owner of another American supercar brand, Rossion, has now acquired the assets of Mosler. The combined Rossion and Mosler brands will continue to operate under the single Rossian brand and be run by a man named Ian Grunes.

For those unfamiliar with Rossion, the brand was established by 1G Racing, the American distributor of British supercar brand Noble. Rossion’s first product was the Q1 supercar, which shared elements with Noble’s M400 and M12 models.

It’s not clear if Rossion will continue to manufacture the MT900, though the company had said it looks forward to using much of Mosler's technologies to launch new models in four-, six- and eight-cylinder configurations.

“Mosler has a great history based in racing and tremendous amounts of experience in using composites like carbon fiber to produce strong, lightweight and very competitive vehicles,” Rossion said in a statement.


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