• Mosler MT900 GTR spotted in Monaco

    The last we heard about Mosler, the company, including the rights to its awesome but relatively unknown MT900 series of cars, had been acquired by Rossion, the former distributer of Noble products in the United States and the maker of the Noble-based Q1 supercar. CHECK OUT: Ultra-Rare Mosler MT900 GTR Spotted In Monaco: Video As far as we know, there are no plans to bring back the MT900 but there are still a handful of them around, including one very rare example in Monaco. This video from YouTube user PRonTheRoad shows a Mosler MT900 GTR revving its engine and then racing away through the...

  • Mosler Consulier Targa
    Mosler Consulier GTP Could Be eBay Steal Of The Week

    Finding rare vehicles on eBay Motors is always a bit exciting. Finding rare vehicles with relatively affordable price tags is even better. Autoblog recently did just that when it uncovered this rather ugly duckling called the Mosler Consulier GTP. Don't let appearances fool you though, as this is...

  • Mosler MT900 and Rossion Q1
    American Supercar Brands Rossion And Mosler Merged

    Mosler Automotive, founded by Warren Mosler during the 1980s, had a knack for making really awesome road cars that looked horrible, although it could be argued that Mosler's original Consulier GTP had a very cool 'form follows function' quality to it. By the late 1990s, Mosler started work on a new...

  • Mosler MT900 S Photon
    Mosler To Build Limited Edition MT900 S Photon For U.S.?

    Mosler is reportedly back with a brand new supercar based on its long-running MT900 platform, which was first introduced back in 2001 and built right up until last year when the last example, a slightly updated MT900 S, rolled off the line. Since then, reports have emerged claiming that Mosler...

  • Mosler RaptorGTR
    Update: 2012 RaptorGTR Isn't A Mosler After All

    The recently announced MoslerGTR isn't built by Mosler after all, and will likely be in limbo pending the outcome of a lawsuit between Mosler and a distributor.

  • Mosler RaptorGTR
    Mosler RaptorGTR Unveiled In Weird Video

    The Mosler RaptorGTR supercar debuts in an odd music video.

  • Mosler’s 2006 MT900 GTR race car for the road

    Germany’s importer of the LS7-powered Mosler MT900 R has created a road-going version that they’ve labelled the MT900 GTR. The original car was popularized after winning at the British and Spanish GT Championships back in 2003 and 2004. In 2005, the car went on to gained success in the FIA GT2 class. The special edition GTR version was created in a partnership between Mosler Automotive in the United Kingdom and its German arm, Mosler Deutschland. The plan was to develop a fast-going production car that could be taken to the track but was still reliable. Other manufacturers that...

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